About California Clean Air Day

When it comes to air pollution, we can all do our part. Whether you’re an individual, business, government agency or nonprofit organization, there are things we all can do to improve air quality and protect public health. In a state with some of the worst air pollution in the United States, it is imperative that we do.

California Clean Air Day is built on the idea that shared experiences unite people to action to improve our community health. By joining together for a unified day of action we can create new habits to clear the air for all members of California’s diverse communities.

California Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air.

About the Clean Air Pledge

The Clean Air Pledge allows individuals and organizations to commit to do our part to clear the air, through actions big and small. When you take the Clean Air Day Pledge, you will see two options: to register as an individual and/or household or to register on behalf of an organization.

Individual Pledge

Be a part of a community of pledgers that included more than 2 million Californians in 2022. Take the pledge to choose from a menu of items that make a big difference. Choose from each of our three main categories (Easy Actions, Small Investments and Plan Ahead) to triple your impact! You can change your air filter, eat vegan, or try out public transit for the day.

Organization Pledge

Are you a business, school, governmental entity, non-profit organization or healthcare provider? Then sign up to take the organization pledge. There you will find a series of questions related to your type of organization, with the number of employees participating being a key component, as well as what business practices and educational efforts might be modified on or for Clean Air Day.

This year we have also provided an option for organizations to be assigned a code that their employees can use when making their individual Clean Air Pledge, allowing you to get a report of the number of employees who participated for your own engagement purposes. Participating organizations will be listed on our website.

Get Involved

In addition to making your Clean Air Pledge, there are a number of ways you can get involved in California Clean Air Day. As a business, you can provide support as a sponsor and plan to have your employees volunteer at one of the Clean Air Day events around the state. Local organizations can promote Clean Air Day and help their community have higher participation, and you can even plan your own California Clean Air Day event. We invite every California city and jurisdiction to pass a resolution declaring clean air day, and if yours hasn’t, let them know how easy it is to do. There are many ways to get involved, let us know your idea and what you’re planning to do.

Our 2022 reach

2 million participants
up 11% from 1.8 million in 2021

173 million media impressions
up 355% from 38 million in 2021

56 counties
California Clean Air Day participants in 56 California counties

Our 2022 impact

7.1 million actions to clear the air
up 109% from 3.4 million in 2021

114 California Clean Air Day events
held both virtually and physically distanced

565 pledged companies and organizations
engaged their employees and communities for clean air

14 transit agencies provide free rides on busses, trains, bike share programs
and even ferry’s to help people leave their cars at home

Join All of California

Join your fellow Californians in pledging to take at least one action on Clean Air Day to help clear the air so you can breathe better support your community’s health.

Your pledge will be part of a million actions to clean the air across California. Together, we can clear the air!

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