Transportation agencies all in for California Clean Air Day

The link between public and active transit and air quality is huge.

Your standard buses or train emit only 20% as much greenhouse gases per passenger mile as riding in a car alone and 75% as many nitrogen oxides (the primary ingredient in smog). With an increasing number of these vehicles going to zero emission options, those statistics are improving every day. And of course biking or walking to your destination is a true, zero emission option.

California Clean Air Day and transit options are intimately linked. That’s why transit agencies have stepped up in some big ways!

  • In San Diego, North County Transit and Metropolitan Transit System are making all rides free on October 2!
  • In the Coachella Valley, Sunline Transit advertising California Clean Air Day in their buses and bus shelters.
  • In Greater Los Angeles, Metro Los Angeles designed a one-of-a-kind TAP card just for California Clean Air Day, hosted our Los Angeles kick-off event and is doing an article in The Source. Metro Los Angeles is also a generous sponsor of #CleanAirDayCA.
  • The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will be offering free rides on California Clean Air Day!
  • Santa Monica will be offering free rides on their Breeze Bikeshare program all day October 2!
  • In the San Gabriel Valley, Foothill Transit is partnering with the City of Duarte to host Transit Parties to introduce youth and seniors to their new fleet of electric buses. Foothill Transit is also a generous sponsor of #CleanAirDayCA. These Transit Parties will have food, drinks, music, giveaways, trivia, and educational materials on the all-electric DuartEbus system. The goal is to increase ridership and provide educational materials to our senior and teen populations about clean air transit.
  • Santa Clarita Transit is providing free rides all day October 2!
  • In Santa Barbara, MTD is offering free 10-ride bus passes when you pledge to clear the air. Find out how to get yours!
  • Traffic Solutions at SBCAG has partnered with the Clean Air Express to offer free round-trip tickets during all of October for people living in Lompoc, Santa Maria or the Santa Ynez Valley who work in Goleta or Santa Barbara. Take the Clean Air Pledge then request a free pass on this page!
  • Stop by Dignity Health Marian Medical Center’s Clean Air Day Fair and take the pledge to receive free SMAT bus tokens!
  • Gold Coast Transit will be providing free 2-ride passes to the first 100 people who stop by their Oxnard Transit Center!
  • In Sacramento, SacRT is making all rides free on October 2!
  • Caltrans districts across California will be sharing messages to encourage drivers to try walking, biking or taking public transit
  • In the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority is advertising California Clean Air Day to promote ridership on October 2!
  • In Santa Cruz, the city is promoting free EcoPass bus passes for anyone who works in downtown Santa Cruz
  • In Glenn County, all rides will be free on October 2!
The 2019 Metro Los Angeles California Clean Air Day TAP Card is inspired by the three sections of our individual pledge: Plant Something, Reduce Vehicle Emissions, and Switch It Out. Thank a transit rider at 8am on October 2nd at the Expo/Bundy Expo line station to receive your limited edition card! More info on our events page.
Take a free ride on LADOT buses on California Clean Air Day and you might end up on one of their all-electric buses!

These are just a few of the high-level highlights of ways government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses are getting involved in California Clean Air Day. Join more than 190 organizations who have already.

“Metro is one of many agencies in Southern California that is dedicated to reducing tailpipe emissions and air pollution by providing more sustainable ways to get around while identifying greener ways to move freight,” said Metro Board Chair and Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. “Sustainability is at the core of Metro’s mission and you can see that in our pursuit of a zero emission bus fleet, expanded rail program and better roadways that more efficiently move car and truck traffic.”

“Last year, MTS recorded a 17 percent increase in passenger trips on Free Ride Day. It was a great success to get that many San Diego residents to shake up their routine and choose transit,” said Mona Rios, MTS Board Vice Chair and Councilmember for National City. “Choosing transit is absolutely critical for this region as we all strive to meet our climate action goals. We need to do everything we can to get people to use alternative modes of transportation.”

North County Transit District is a proud supporter of Clean Air Day. We value the opportunity to reduce air pollutants and the number of personal vehicles on the road by offering free rides on our buses and trains all day on October 2,” said NCTD Board Chair and City of Encinitas Councilmember Tony Kranz. “San Diegans recognize the importance of protecting the environment, and NCTD is excited to provide public transportation at no cost so commuters can see for themselves how simple it can be to catch a bus or train to their destination while also reducing their carbon footprint.”


Caltrans District 7 challenges our employees and the motoring public to help make October 2nd a day of clean air.  Whether on foot, on a bike, in a bus or on a train, leave your car at home and make a difference.