South Central Coast

South Central Coast

Just because a region of California is beautiful doesn’t mean there are not air pollution challenges. Ventura and Santa Barbara may share a world-renowned coastline, but they also share heavily trafficked freeways that can affect air quality in big ways.

The good news is that residents can do something about it! From driving an electric vehicle to taking transit to biking, we can make a difference in local air quality. Big thanks to our committee members:

2022 South Central Coast Working Group

Carmen Ramirez, Chair, Ventura County District5

Kaddie McShirley, Office of SB Supervisor Das Williams

Das Williams, Santa Barbara County District 1

Aeron Genet, SB APCD

Hillary Blackerby, Santa Barbara MTD 

Wendy Sims-Moten, First 5 Santa Barbara

Clay Downing, County of Ventura, Sustainability Division

Colleen Pardinas, Ventura County Community Foundation

Ali Ghasemi, APCD

Martin Erickson, VCTC

Vanessa Rauschenberger, Gold Coast Transit Director

Peter Zierhut, Haas Automation

Maureen McGuire, VC Farm Bureau

Selfa Saucedo, VC Public

Joe Cabral, Clean Power Alliance

Miguel Rodriguez, Port of Hueneme

Dr. George Yu, Dignity Health