Silicon Valley and Peninsula

Silicon Valley and Peninsula

The tech revolution has shaped our lives in ways we never thought possible. That same tech revolution that made the information age possible is now transforming Silicon Valley life as innovative companies and agencies work together to put the latest zero-emission vehicles on our roads, incorporate high-efficiency clean appliances into our homes and businesses, and minimize emissions of pollutants into our air.

Silicon Valley’s legacy of partnership and cooperation has led to amazing achievements. Now we need to apply that legacy to achieve cleaner air for a healthier community.  Big thanks to our dedicated Silicon Valley Working Group:

2022 Silicon Valley Working Group

Shiloh Ballard, Silicon Valley Bike Coalition

Anthony Eulo, Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Alexander Gordan, BAAQMD

Dana Hinker, Stanford Children’s Health

Julian Lake, Office of San Jose Mayor Sam Licardo

Scott Green, Office of San Jose Mayor Sam Licardo

Marlee Smith, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Kim Comstock,

Amelia Timbers, Samtrans

Christopher Demers,

Christine Foster, Stanford Children’s Health