Sacramento Area

The Sacramento region does Clean Air Day

From Santa Cruz to the Silicon Valley to Sacramento and San Diego, Mayors, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporate partners are going all in for California Clean Air Day on October 4, 2023. Specifically in the Sacramento region, 70 percent of ground-level ozone air pollution is caused by car and truck emissions.

The good news is we can all do our part to make clean air a reality wherever you are.

2023 Sacramento Regional Committee


Sacramento Vice Mayor Eric Guerra, represented by Dahlia Ramirez, City of Sacramento

Laurel Smith, Valley Vision

Emily Allshouse, AQMD

Emily Bacchini, SMUD

Farva Batool, Breathe California

Mark Borges, Lucas Public Affairs

Kevin Burdick, Sacramento Republic FC

Cheryl Croshere, Sacramento TMA

Kristina Cullen, UC Davis Health

Jeffrey Dierking, CSUS

Ali Doerr, CalTRANS

Jennifer Finton, Breathe California

Gregg Fishman, Sac Regional Transit District

Isaac Gonzalez, DIYSL

Laura Gonzalez-Ospina, CSUS

Sarah Janus, UC Davis Health

Lee Karp, Sacramento TMA

Tony Lucas, CSUS

Colleen McCormick, SMUD

Adrian Rehn, Valley Vision

Michelle Reynolds, North Natomas Jibe

Bell Romero, CalTRANS

Heidi Sanborn, SMUD

Jessyca Sheehan, Lucas Public Affairs

Eva Slover, CSUS

Ryan Todd, CSUS

Carolyn Tran, Breathe California