East Bay

East Bay

People often think of air pollution as a Los Angeles or Central Valley program. What they fail to recognize is that communities throughout the Bay Area can experience the same challenges as those other well known regions. A combination of industrial uses that include the Port of Oakland, refineries, warehouses and freeways contribute to localized pollution.

The good news is that our collective actions help! We can lower the emissions on our freeways and improve air quality in our communities. From Fremont to Oakland to Berkely to Richmond and beyond, we’re coming together to make the East Bay a centerpiece of the clean air success story. Big thanks to our East Bay Working Group:

2022 East Bay Working Group


John Gioia, Contract Costa County


David Haubert, Alameda County

Juan Romero, BAAQMD

Chryslene Ribeiro, Blue Shield of California

Dan Kalb, City of Oakland

Sean Wihera, Clarity Movement Co.

Dan Peddycord, Contra Costa Health System

Stephen Baiter, East Bay Economic Development Alliance

Mariela Herricks, MCE Energy

Leanne Hoadley, MCE Energy

Robert Rogers, Office of Supervisor John Gioia

Matthew Belasco, Pittsburg USD

David Sorrell, UC Berkeley

Ms.Margaret Gordon, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

Susan, Contra Costa Green Business Program