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Bay Area all in for Clean Air Day

Last year, from Santa Cruz to the Silicon Valley to San Francisco and the East Bay, Mayors, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and corporate partners were going all in for California Clean Air Day. While the Bay Area may have a reputation for clean air and clear skies, the reality is that in many parts of the Bay Area, air quality is a real concern. And, even if you are in the most pristine location, indoor air quality is often a serious issue. The good news is we can all do our part to make clean air a reality wherever you are. So join us for this year’s Clean Air Day on October 7th!


“As we saw during the recent wildfires, climate change is reducing the gains California has made in cleaning the air and it’s more important than ever to take actions that are good for the climate and for our air quality. The Air District is proud to be a part of California Clean Air Day, and we hope all Bay Area residents will join us in taking action to improve the air we breathe on October 7th.”

Jack Broadbent, Chief Executive Officer/Air Pollution Control Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District


Organization Pledge Leaders in the Bay Area

By Total Pledges


138 pledges


81 pledges

Blue Shield of California

67 pledges

By % of organization pledged

Clarity Movement Co


Contra Costa County Office of Supervisor John Gioia




2020 Bay Area Regional Working Group


John Gioia, Supervisor, Contra Costa County

Tessa Verhoef, Blue Shield of California

Eddie Ahn, Brightline Defense

Stephen Baiter, East Bay Economic Development Alliance

Allison Brooks, Bay Area Regional Collaborative (BARC)

Erin DeMerritt, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Lisa Fasano, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Michael Hursh, AC Transit

Julie Johnson, Lightning Systems

Ryan Lau, AC Transit

Jody London, Sustainability – Contra Costa County

Cynthia Murray, North Bay Leadership Council

Yvette Radford, Kaiser Permanente

Kate Rauch, Office of Supervisor John Gioia

Beth Reid, Olivine, Inc.

Robert Rogers, Office of Supervisor John Gioia

Chhavi Sahni, Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Anna Sciaruto, Bay Area Council

Brian Sheridan, Coalition for Clean Air

Francesca Vietor, San Francisco Foundation

Sean Wihera, Clarity Movement Co.

Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council

Sarah Zahedi, Bay Area Air Quality Management District