More ways to make your Clean Air Pledge in 2021

Every year we ask past clean air day participants what they think should be added to the clean air pledge that applied to most people AND make a real difference improving air pollution. In 2020 we added “Shop Local,” go “Meat Free for a Day,” and “Host a Monitor” to the list actions we thought made a difference for clean air.

In 2021, we are adding two new items: “switch to a greener energy rate” and “go solar.” The adoption of renewables in California has made a tremendous difference in California meeting its climate goals. But did you know that they also have big air quality benefits? Unlike natural gas, coal or petroleum, renewable energy emits no criteria air pollutants. A little bit on both options.


Switch to a greener energy rate

and make sure the power you draw comes from greener sources

Although utilities in the State of California are getting cleaner energy every day, ratepayers have the ability to help them move even faster. Through green energy rates (example here from Southern California Edison) we can move our State even faster to adopt renewable energy. For the 45% of us who are renters, this is a greater way to make a long term investment in clean air.


Go solar

and power your home with a renewable, zero-emissions energy source

Solar is a great way to help clean the air AND save money. According to at least one estimate, the average savings over a 20 year period in California for going solar is $40,673. Plus, combine solar power with driving an electric vehicle and you are basically running on sunshine!