More things you can do to participate in Clean Air Day

California Clean Air Day is built on the idea that we can collectively make an impact through shared experiences. It is in the spirit of community that we asked past “pledgers” what they thought we missed. Their feedback informed our decision to add three new items that we felt anyone could try for a day AND make a real difference improving air pollution.

brown clipart icon of a bag of groceries

Shop Local

to cut down on freight emissions from shipping food thousands of miles

On average, your food travels 1500 miles to reach you. Those ships, trains, and trucks are responsible for high levels of diesel particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and other nasty chemicals that contribute to port communities’ higher levels of asthma and cancer risk. By purchasing locally, you can significantly cut down on your own air pollution footprint.

green clipart icon of a bowl of salad

Go meat-free for a day

plant-based diets are lighter on emissions

Although we may think of Wisconsin or Texas as the centers of the cattle industry, the truth is that California has an estimated 5 million dairy and beef cows and 1,400 dairies. This has a huge impact on our ability to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as methane from the industry – sometimes referred to as a “super pollutant” –  is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. So, this year we are challenging you to go vegetarian for a day. With an increasing number of options for plant-based meals, you might just like it!

blue clipart icon of a cell signal tower

Host a monitor

help each other know what we’re breathing

For those of us old enough to remember, cell phones used to cost thousands of dollars, had terrible service and (gasp) only made phone calls. A few decades later, our cell phones are cheaper and do more things than we ever could have imaged. Our air quality monitors are experiencing the same revolution. By hosting a networked monitor, you help tell an evolving story of air pollution and are able to make real-time choices about the quality of air in your community.

We know that these and our 13 other choices just scratch the surface of what can be accomplished. Tell us what we missed and add your own commitment to “tell us what else you are committing to do” when you take the online pledge.