Clean Air Day is Easy during Social Distancing

Did you know you can make a huge difference at home? That’s right. The actions we take right from our living room make a huge difference in creating clean air in our communities. California Clean Air Day is designed to allow every Californian to participate from where they are, even during a time of social distancing. And for organizations looking to connect employees, customers and stakeholders together, #CleanAirDayCA helps create a community through shared – virtual – action.


The 2020 CA Clean Air Day pledge has 19 options, of which 15 can be done alone or within your household.

You can plant something as simple as a home garden in the ground or in pots, and if you’re back at work, you can bring in an indoor plant. And there are things some of us have been required to do, like telecommuting, that when we have a choice, can make a significant impact in clearing the air. That, along with choosing to walk or ride a bike are easy ways to keep distance while taking action to improve air quality through reduced vehicle emissions.  The group of activities that is easiest to do remotely to have an impact is the “Switch It Out” category. From changing air filters to how you shop, these actions are done at a personal level and can have long-term benefits for us all.


For organizations working to engage your members or employees, activities done in “isolation” make a big difference when your entire team does it at once. So, though you might be physically apart, the collective actions you can take will both make an impact and also create a sense of community in everyone participating together focused on a positive outcome. This helps us feel more in control of the current situation because we are part of a community proactively working to address one of the most pressing issues we face as a State.

We have the power to create clean air around us, lower our emission footprint and help clean the air by greening our communities. Please join us and committing to take action by October 7 as part of the third annual California Clean Air Day.