What happened in 2020!

California Clean Air Day is all about people taking action.

We’re thrilled that so many Californians came together this year – over 1.6 million Californians completed over 3.1 million actions to clear the air!

And Californians who pledged to clear the air followed through: 94% completed at least one of their pledge actions. Check out more stats from California Clean Air Day 2020 below, and save the date: the next California Clean Air Day will be on October 6, 2021!

% of Pledgers Who Completed

Our reach

1.6 million participants
up 246% from 650,000 in 2019

6 million social media impressions
up 632% from 950,000 in 2019

50 counties
California Clean Air Day participants in 50 California counties

11 city leaders
accepted our first-ever City Leaders Challenge

Our impact

3.1 million actions to clear the air
up 248% from 1.25 million actions in 2019

81 California Clean Air Day events
held both virtually and physically distanced

530 pledged companies and organizations
engaged their employees and communities for clean air

From Californians who took measures to protect their health like changing out cleaning products and air filters to those who reduced emissions by finding ways to leave their cars at home to those who continue their daily practices to clear the air, we were deeply inspired by all of your stories and committed actions. We’d like to share some of those with you here: