The Clean Air Pledge Youth

Good air quality is important for everyone, and it’s especially important for kids and young adults. Air pollution can hurt your growing lungs, and can lead to serious illness. Fortunately, when we work together, we can make sure the air is clean enough for everyone to breathe.

Here are a few ways you can take action to clear the air – and you can do most of them from home! Click or tap on the items below you want to do for California Clean Air Day on October 5th.

After you pick your actions and click on the pledge button, you’ll receive a Clean Air Day certificate and images you can post on your social media. Thank you for doing your part for clean air!

Clean Air Pledge for Youth

Click or tap on the icons below to select your actions, then hit the button at the bottom to submit your pledge!

  • If you're planning to do anything else, let us know here!
  • If you choose to enter your name, your Clean Air Kids Pledge certificate will be made out to you. We do not store your name in any way after we create the certificate.