Nominate a Clean Air Unsung Hero

Leonardo DiCaprio may make headlines for his environmental efforts, but we know you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference. Individual people across California are doing their part for clean air. From Siskyou County to San Francisco to Inyo and San Diego, Californians are making a difference in their communities.

You’re invited to nominate individuals for Clean Air Unsung Heroes, local people who work every day to create clean air in their community. In August, we hope to announce at least one hero from each of California’s 58 Counties, recognizing the important role they have to play in clean air. Nominees can be volunteers, advocates, non-profit or government staff, employees whose job it is to clean the air, or any other person working to make our air cleaner. Nominees will be evaluated based on who else is nominated in their county.

Please share this page with colleagues who may be interested in nominating an unsung hero – you can share this flyer with them when you do. Nominations are due by July 14. Decisions will be made by late July and announced early August.

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