Clean Air Tips for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day practice your commitment to clean air with an action from our Clean Air Pledge – either from our Clean Air Pledge for everybody, or from our Clean Air Pledge for Kids, which has activities that are great to do as a family.

The Clean Air Pledge


💨 Change your home air filter
🔧 Change your car cabin air filter
🔌 Replace gas-powered yard tools with electric- or hand-powered ones
✨ Switch to using natural all-purpose cleaner only
📦 Make all online purchases in one order each week
🍐 Buy produce locally
🥗 Eat no meat for at least one day a week
📡 Install an air quality monitor at your home
🔌 Choose a greener energy rate
☀️ Install solar panels at your home


🏡 Plant a home garden
🌳 Plant a tree
🌱 Plant an indoor plant in your office and/or home


💻 Telecommute
🚴 Walk, bike or ride a scooter to work/school
🚍 Take public transit
🚘 Carpool
📞 Attend meetings remotely
🔑 Do not idle your engine
⚡ Switch from an old gas-guzzler car to a hybrid or zero-emission vehicle

The Clean Air Pledge for Kids

🚴 Bike to school, the store or a park
🚶 Walk to school, the store or a park
🥕 Grow a seed or plant a garden
🌲 Plant a tree
🚗 Ask my parents to turn off the car while idling
📄 Give a report to my class on the environment
🧪 Do an air quality experiment
🎨 Make a craft or art project about air quality to raise awareness